NukeViet launched NukeViet Store - The application store for website

Friday, 14 September 2012 9:34 AM
According to the announcement f-rom the group developed the CMS NukeViet, this group has launched Nukeviet Store. This is the application store for website, it allowing websites built on the NukeViet background. It can buy or sell the application to add to the website.
Figure 1: The interface to access the application store.

The NukeViet Store launch is made to enrich the block, theme, module of NukeViet. The application store of NukeViet Store is built f-rom middle of May, 2012 and official using f-rom 02 September, 2012.

The application store of NukeViet will be concentrated place of all module, block, theme f-rom the different providers. Any organization or personal can provide  applications on this store.

Figure 2: The developers can post their applications on NukeViet Store.

In the first stage, the application store has finished interface of the public website. It allowing developers can publish applications in a free way. It will have expense if visitor want buy, download the necessary applications for using.

Figure 3: The developers can manage applications which published.

In the second stage, the application store will be developed to integrated into the management system of the NukeViet open source. Therefore, the system administrator NukeViet can search any application f-rom the admin pages of website.  The compatibility check as well as fully automated installation with a click. This is a  breakthrough of NukeViet.

With launching two new versions with many outstanding features, particularly it can support services of mobile. It show that the CMS NukeViet had the strong development since Vinades received the third award of Vietnamese Talent Contest 2011.

According to the development strategy of NukeViet in the next time, NukeViet will be diversified for group of the small and medium website. Beside the CMS NukeViet free & open source software, group will release 2 products including NukeViet Blog (for users to cre-ate websites with the purpose of making personal blogs) and  NukeViet Shop (for the electronic commercial website with the online sale). Users just  need to download a NukeViet installer, the installation system will allow se-lection of the appropriate module package for using.


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