NukeViet 3.4.02 release on 25 October, 2012

Friday, 02 November 2012 10:45 PM
NukeViet 3.4.02 revision 1929 was officially launched at night 25 October, 2012 with participation of over 500 members on forum.
NukeViet 3.4.02 is a small  revision, it does not have much big changes. However,  NukeViet 3.4.02  does not use the svn code management tool (google code). Instead of use google code, it will use git (github). Besides, Plan of releasing the NukeViet Shop packages are prepared by separating and upgrading module Shop to Shop Pro (NukeViet Shop packages are independent packages including three revisions will be release: NukeViet CMS, NukeViet Shop and NukeViet Blog).  NukeViet 3.4.02  is first step preparing to release a big revision. This big revision will integrate NukeViet Store in system nucleus. It will help the administrator to easily add applications, new interface for your website in a automated way.
What are new things at  NukeViet 3.4.02 ?
Improving f-rom NukeViet 3.4.01, NukeViet 3.4.02 has nearly 180 amendments. Most of the amendments are to optimize and improve the performance of the system.


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