NukeViet 4.0 Open Beta launched

Thursday, 07 May 2015 12:51 AM
Date Submitted: April 24 2015 10:13 am
Posted By: The NukeViet development team
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NukeViet is pleased to announce: NukeViet 4.0 Open Beta has launched!
After 12 secret test versions in more than 1 year, NukeViet 4.0 Open beta 1 is the first large-scale test version of the line’s NukeViet 4.0 version that is publicizedfor all members tested.

So, What's New of NukeViet 4.0?
After 5 years since launching NukeViet 3.0, NukeViet has constantly improved to up-date new trends. And this time, the NukeViet 4.0 version are comprehensive enhancements and changes to up-date the latest technology trends as Responsive interface, IPv6, supporting Vietnamese domain name ...

NukeViet 4.0 also adds many functions that change fundamentally the way to manage system, for example, application Storage allows to install apps directly f-rom the Storage to the Admin Control Panel, change strongly and flexibly the file management system, add SEO tools and implement of standard SEO ... Particularly, this version was officially added the decentralized functions to each category for information system as required by the members.

The main changes of 4.0 NukeViet comparing with the predecessor NukeViet 3.4.02 were listed here:
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