Vietnam open source development joint stock company (VINADES.,JSC) is the first open source company in Vietnam to own a well-known open source and is being used at thousands of large and small websites on all fields.
    VINADES., JSC  was born f-rom the operation of open source NukeViet organization (since 2004) and was officially established in early 2010 at Hanoi, then the newspaperdom called VINADES., JSC is "The first open source company in Vietnam".
    After establishment, VINADES., JSC has succeeded in build to an open source NukeViet to become a pure Vietnamese open source. With powerful abilities and the advantages of technology, safety and security, NukeViet is choosed to use at thousands of websites in last years .The event launches NukeViet which cre-ated effects for media. That event is unprecedented in the history of open source in Vietnam.
    VINADES.,JSC escaped spontaneous development model to become a professional company and a phenomena of the "dotcom" in VietNam. Company is trying its best to prepare  for the process of global integration.
   VINADES.,JSC continued to expand and hire more staff to serve the company's operation in the positions: programmers, graphics professionals, sales person...Especially, the company is recruiting in management position: technical managers, business managers... 
    Please contact to VINADES., JSC to apply for position which do you want. We will try together to VINADES., JSC become the successful open source company in Vietnam.


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