Professional website design

Website Design Process
 Side A: CustomersSide B: VINADES company 
ISigning a contract0
- The two sides agree with functions of website
-  Agreement for time, form and cost to execute of contract
-  Signing a contract
II-  Design interface and registration of domain name, hosting( if customers require)<=9
-  Satisfy the requirements about main color, logo, slogan-  Based on the orders of side A and the previous consultations (if have) to design the interface and send it for side A to view and browse interface on websites.
-  Add information to do more clear requests to know basic layout of the website in the contract( if necessary)-  The domain name registration and hosting (if have) for the website.
-  Provide the other additional informations: List, pictures, writing...-  Cre-ate email, the email setup instructions for customers.
-   Require additional editing( if customers need)-  Editing follow the request of A
-  Browse design form-  Cutting and splicing the approved interface
IIIBuilding and running test( demo)>=14
-  Check and give comments about the demo-  Program functions and finish interface to two sides agreed
-  Provide some data (introduction, images, products etc..) to bring up the website.-  Provide online testing and account for side A to check
IVEditing and Additional<=4
-  Work with side B to test the system-  Edit and add the missing part.
-  Send additional requests.-  Instruct and support to up-date information
VTechnical acceptance1
-  Up-date information on the website, try functions-  Instruct to manage website  and train to management skills
-  Report to difficulties, problems and faults arise for side B-  Solve the other problems
VITransfer and liquidate contract1
-  Receipt of transfer -  Transfer, upload website on the website address follow the contract
-  Sign the contract liquidation -  Prepare and make the contract liquidation
VIICounsel after complete website0
VIIWarranty website365
The services in website design
VINADES.,JSC provide every requirements in the website design, including:
  • Counsel,analyse and assess feasibility of project( for large projects)
  • Counsel design to se-lect interface and build the functions
  • Design interface, design the function modules on demand, design system nucleus
  • Warranty, maintenance, backup and recover data, solve every problems of website
  • Upgrading, renovating, replacing old systems with new systems.
  • The other services related to web.
The standards are applied by VINADES company in website design
  • Every website design of VINADES are built on the open source NukeViet
  • The products of VINADES based on the programming language PHP 5 and the database MySQL 5
  • Technology used in products based on standard xHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 and compatible with the popular browsers like Internet Explorer 8+, FireFox 4+, Opera 10+, Chrome 10+.
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