The free open source software NukeViet

What is NukeViet?
NukeViet is a Content Management System(CMS) on website. NukeViet allows to build a dynamic, multifunction and modern website quickly without having to know programming. NukeViet is emitted as a software which can be installed on the environment  of  server, helps the user can easily install and operate their website. You  are viewing website which is cre-ated and operated by NukeViet software.
NukeViet is free and open source software (FOSS) and top in Vietnam. NukeViet is developed and managed by Vietnam open source development joint stock company (VINADES., JSC)  with the user community and developers in the country and abroad.
How did NukeViet develop?
NukeViet is started f-rom the freedom movement of open source software research 8 years ago (in 2004). In 2010, NukeViet is developed to become a profesional model. At this time, NukeViet 3.0 is released that is the new CMS version (Content Management System) which is developed by Vietnamese. The first time in VietNam has a open source that is invested about finance, manpower and time.
What was NukeViet use to?
The official version of NukeViet is NukeViet CMS. That is a content management system which help to build the website and information gate. However, the multiplier of NukeViet system is designed to  cre-ate modern and flexible modules which can run applications on internet. In fact, NukeViet is not only cre-ate electronic information gates for businesses, electronic offices and the electronic trading system online, besides, NukeViet is used to build the software system online which has complicated tasks and functions. For example, the testing system online is integrated automatic scoring and look up scores with SMS gateway, information gates is integrated thousands of websites and application under a gate model.  The management softwares serve overseeing operations, checking and control the equipment in production and business...
With the value is an open source, NukeViet used very good in training and programming. With friendliness, NukeViet helped users improve skill about internet, website and technology. By the value of using, NukeViet will help your business own a useful tool in website management, information gate and online applications.
The achievements of NukeViet
Contribution to a modern social
NukeViet is operating on 2.000 websites and information gates which have thousands of persons access everyday. NukeViet is developed by 8 languages on the world, have a user community include 25.000 members, release about 40 versions and have about 200.000 downloads (do  not include downloads for applications and interfaces).
Ministry of Education and Training encourages community to use NukeViet
NukeViet is a only CMS open source in VietNam that has on list of open source software products. These ones are encouraged to use at the 08/2010/TT-BGDĐT number circular of Ministry of Education and Training which issued on March 1st, 2010. The circular stipulated for the use of the free open source software in educational.
Vietnamese Talent Award 2011
            At Vietnamese Talent Contest 2011, NukeViet surpassed other closed source software products and took in the third award of Vietnamese Talent Contest 2011. This award is in the information technology field and has large applications in social.
The free support address  to NukeViet
Website release product:
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The professional support services for NukeViet
Consult designing, install, build to website, portal, online software base on NukeViet.
Design website & online software on demand
Design interfaces on demand
Design quickly website based on built forms
Sell modules for NukeViet
Sell interfaces for NukeViet
And all of services relate to NukeViet
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