The business portal

  1. The information portal to introduce business
The business portal is a website which help the business solve to post news on website, especially with the business does not have much news. This website can advertise for the business in a automatic way. Moreover, the website have applications on the flexible technology management base which help to user can post to news, edit content, change interface on website easily.
The business portal of VINADES is very suitable with the business which have amount of large staff, many offices and branches in different areas whe-re have interaction between customer - business - employees in business together. It help for the business can manage all of information and work relate to the business.
  1. The information portal to integrate the online sale service
  • Manage product
  • Manage to category
  • Manage to group of product
  • Manage the manufacturers
  • Manage product unit
  • Manage comment
  • Manage order
  • Manage currency
  • The online payment gate management
  • The configure of department
This website can integrate the online payment gateways such as NganLuong, Bao Kim, Paypal (communicate in a automatic way with the payment system ATM, Internet banking ...). It allow to the sales take place everytime.
  1. The information portal support to the operations and multimedia communications
  • This website manage and operate through internet (general operation, internal operation, personal management, customer management, the online sales management...)
  • The website can interact with social networks such as: allow to member to register and login f-rom the social network into the website, show to the up-dated information f-rom the social networks...
  • The website serve media, entertainment, social network
  • The website interact with the mobile information system, moreover, it can interact with mobile through messages (SMS gateway...)
  • The online TV website.
You could view example about the business portal which is executed by VINADES.,JSC:


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THE CORE VALUES IN LIVING AND WORKING PHILOSOPHY AT VIETNAM OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY   We were born f-rom the open source community so we have sticking like members in a family. We have to remember that VINADES., JSC was born f-rom the community whe-re nurtured us and our responsibility is to serve the community. We are just successful when we bring practical value to the community. Unity is strength to go to success. VINADES.,JSC is not only have unity but also have care between members in family. Let’s grow passions and ideas to light the successful fire. Continuously innovation and thinking open to grow passions and ideas. We have to act to ideals become reality. VINADES.,JSC nurtured and developed our ideals and creativeness. Constantly creating new values​​, continuously refreshes itself. Life only change...

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