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Electronic editor  is product of Vietnam open source development joint stock company (VINADES.,JSC). It was developed based on the modern content management system and security NukeViet. It is built for the media sector. Our product has advantages than the other electronic editor. It is built and designed with open standards, ensuring the highest security however it is really flexible, easy on management, simple in maintenance and save the cost. Our products are highly regarded about technology as well as practical applications. It met the requirements for a professional newspaper.
The main features of the system
  1. The information management system of the article
  1. Handle information of article
  • The modern tool to editor with many convenient features to help the import content becomes extremely easy
  • Allow to setup multi-media in the article(Video, Audio, Flash, File)
  • Allow to search and in-sert the relative news into the article
  • Organization to search scientific news with various criteria.
  • The multi-level catalog system
  • Publish RSS automatically.
  • The RSSreader tool read RSS automatically f-rom other sources
b. The publishing process
Allow to publishing news and articles at the same time: 1 article appear in many categories, position of the same article in other places can be different.
  • Allow to arranged order of the article
  • Schedule published.
  • Save the publishing process
c.The royalties
  • Permission to confirm royalties for the articles in system
  • Manage information about the royalties
  • Divide royalties follow group of articles, group of photos and the quality of news
  • Statistics of the royalties follow departments, categories
  • Statistics of detail information for users.
d.The comment f-rom readers
  • Get comment directly of the reader on the system
  • Browse, handling, re-comment
  • Publish to comments directly on the page
  • Answer directly comments to readers
  • Statistics of comment of the readers.
  1. The resource management
  • Automatic sharing and organize the resources folders follow a scientific way
  • Permission to users execute the right functions
  • Limit the upload file size
  • Allows to upload the file formats: Image (jpg, gif); Video (flv, wmv, avi); Audio (wma, flv); Docs (doc, pdf).
  1. The user management
  • Manage the user profiles
  • Classification of users follow region, department
  • Manage the group of users
  • Support for OpenID
  1. The share permission management
  • Share permission for each group
  • The share permission details for each member
  • Share permission for user follow area on the system
  1. The advertising system
  • Put the advertising at many locations
  • Show the advertising in many categories
  • Support to the display types (random, list...)
  • Support to the advertisings: photos, flash, video...
  • Statistics of access, IP and advertising
  1. Take opinion of community
  • Allow to open many polls at the same time
  • Statistics result of the poll by c-hart.
  1. The newsletter system
  • Allow to registration and confirmation the news
  • Send the letter to readers periodically
  • Statistics the registration members
  1. Statistics amount of access
  • Statistics the most reading on page or categories
  • Statistics amount of access on website, count  amount of access for each article.
  • Statistics country, browser, IP
  • Statistics to amount of access in the domain
  • Time is up-dated every hour, view the detail follow the hour
If you want to know the additional information or our other products, you can access the website: ToaSoanDienTu.vn, ToaSoanDienTu.Com, ToaSoanDienTu.Net, ToaSoanDienTu.Org.
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