The educational portal - NukeViet Edugate

NukeViet Edugate is the website model which dedicate for the educational system. It can intergrate thousands of website of schools on the same system. It bring a low expensive for user.
  1. The specific portal model for the educational system
  1. The portal structure of the educational department
Number Function Note
1 Home - The own interface.
- Up-date the simple data, Admin Control Panel have the management features which can change and manage interface easily.
2 Introduction Unlimited number of the function pages and number of the modules have the similar features.
- About the organization
- Departments
- The subordinate unit
3 News: You can cre-ate multi-level categories. Unlimited number of the news and number of the modules have the similar features.
- Announcement
- The operation news
- Schedule of business
- The educational and training information
- The good person - the good work
4 Resources - Manage the document library, the software library.
- Download, upload, share documents…
5 The function module include: There is enough the basic functions which are needed in a normal website.
- The online contact
- Rss
- Banner (advertising)
- Statistics number of access
- Search
- Vote (take to comments)
6 The own news page for the subordinate units Every unit have the own news page which is in the system of general portals.
(Number of units do not limit, you can view the proposal structures in below) The news page of the units can use the news module which is the main module. It does not limit number of units. The management person of the units can up-date informations, articles on the system.
7 Forum The general forum for portal, each of unit can have a sub-forum, the general administrator can share permission for the lower administrators to manage their forum.
(It can cre-ate many forums and share permission for units)
  1. The proposal structure of the website members
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Human Resources
2.3 News
-  Announcement
-  The news of school
-  The parents
2.4 The public figures
2.5 Timetable
2.6 The professional team:
- Mathematics and Information
- Literature
- Physiology
2.7 The syllabus and material
2.8 Information of students
2.9 Good person and good work
2.10 Images of school
2.11 Youth Uni-on – Team
          The administrator can change the structure above as well as add or remove the category. You can post, edit, de-lete the articles in your website.
  1. Some modules for the management, teaching and learning
  1. Module manages students (use for the school)
  • Manage follow the year, course, class
  • Manage students: manage the information of students
  • Support to transfer students between the years or the classes
  1. Module manage score ( use for the schools)
  • Provide account for students, parents to view the point
  • Manage score and conduct of each semester. The average score , ranking and the year score are executed in a automatically way
  • Output form: support the following form:
+  Statistics the percentage of average score and ranking in a course
+  Statistics the proficiency of students in a course
+  Statistics ranking of conduct of students in a course
+  The scoring card for each of student
+  Summary score of every class in a semester
  • Support to enter and output the data f-rom the sources which are the Excel files.
  1. The document module
  • Manage the teaching documents of schools
  • Manage documents, notices, regulations and resolutions of the leaders and the high - level departments.
  • Manage the learning documents, the internal magazine.
  • Manage the electronic syllabus library
  • Manage the documents of exams
  • Manage the software library
+ Software support to the teachers
+ Software support to learning
  • Manage the document library
+ The text
+ Form
+ The convenient software
+ The other documents.
          The amount of library is not limited, the amount of categories do not limit, the number of text is not limited. It allow the addition follow the practical requirements, it is not dependent on the amount of contents. The upgrade will improve the ability of the system to meet all of needs.
  1. Module of the questions (FAQ)
Manage and build the questions and answer format
  1. Module of the legislation writing
  2. Module to manage the dispatch
  3. Module to manage the online exam
  • Manage the examination-papers
  • Organizing to make the online exam
  • Manage the exam result.
  1. Module to manage schedule of business
  2. Module to manage the training program (use for the schools)
  • Manage the training level
+ Admin: Add, edit, de-lete, the numbers are not limited
+ Customer: view follow the list
  • Manage the training sector
+ Admin: Add, edit, de-lete, the numbers are not limited
+ Customer: view follow the list
  • Manage the subject
+ Admin: Add, edit, de-lete, the numbers are not limited.
The information of subject include:
  • ID ( Number of ID automatically)
  • Semester
  • The order number (The order number of subject is arranged follow every semester)
  • The subject code
  • The subject name
  • Units of study
  • Amount of time to learn the theory
  • Amount of time to learn the practice
  • Describe the subject
  • Notes
+ Customer: View list of the subjects follow each of sector.
  1. The electronic book to contact with the parents (use for the schools)
The teacher can up-date the learning result of students on the website and the parents can access on website to check result of their children.
  1. Module to search the score of exam (use for the Department of education)
  • Search the score of exam or graduation...
 + Full name:
 + Date of Birth:
 + Place of birth:
 + School:
 + The order number of candidate:
 + The plus score:
 + The exam score of every subject:
 + Search diploma (Apply to the Department of Education)
  • The search criteria can be the identity card  number, name, the order number of candidate...
  • The data is up-dated in a directly way or the excel files.
  1. The regular report (use for Department of Education)



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